Scope & Sounds: Cancer SZN

Sun is shining, and the weather is sweet—it is officially summer! We have welcomed in summer with the equinox and the start of cancer season. The equinox will bring a much needed reprieve from the retrograde and eclipse energy we are just coming off of. Think of this as a time for celebration, the longest day of the year, where our nights are longer and we’re given more time to be outside and enjoy our loved ones.

Cancer season gives us the chance to connect with our soul family and give all of our love; whether that be through making delicious meals together, staying in and watching a movie, or finding ourselves in a body of water basking in the sun. Cancer is all about connection, and most importantly your connection to you. Ramp up that self-care, and nurture your own emotions, they lead you to your strongest state of intuition. Lean in and love on yourself and those around you! 

Cancer Artist Spotlight:

Missy Elliot was an innovative artist, and the source of her creation came from her own imagination. In Western Astrology Cancer is ruled by the moon, the emotional terrain of your own being, an imaginative playground within yourself. Tap into Missy Elliot’s powerful ability to pull inspiration from her own fantasies as a way to create the reality in front of her. If we tune out of the outer world for a moment the way a cancer can go into their shell, we can all be an innovator in our own right!