Scope & Sounds: Capricorn SZN

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Capricorn season is starting off with the winter solstice, a welcomed paradigm shift into a new way of being. As we continue into the colder months ahead we are invited into a continued place of self-reflection and time with loved ones. Season changes can be difficult, especially near the winter solstice when the days are darker and the collective energy is running high. There’s a collective urge to feel that we are running out of time. During this Capricorn season tap into activities and energy that grounds, nourishes and brings focus so that you can face all that is ahead from a place of self-assurance. Capricorn season is courageous in its efforts to make goals happen, without being afraid of the work it takes to manifest. Behind every great dream is aligned effort and this season will reward you for all that you do. With the new moon in Capricorn at the beginning of January it is a great time to re-evaluate your pay and it’s reflection to your self-worth, don’t be afraid to ask for what you’re worth! 


Music Spotlight: Sade

Sade reminds us that simplicity is always in style, she is timeless in her sound and her look. Sade shows us what it means to tap into your true authentic beauty and talents and allow yourself to shine. She is also a testament to the fact that rest is a powerful place that only makes our work that much more appreciated and filled with deep substance. As you focus on your work during Capricorn season make it intentional, as well as your rest. Know that to be legendary means tapping into your deepest strengths and just like Sade you will effortlessly touch hearts and never leave. 

Horoscope written by Imani Quinn @imanirachelquinn

Imani is a multi-hyphenate biracial mystic artist. She is co-author of Astrology SOS with Hardie Grant Publishing, seen in Bustle, Instyle and more. She is a Quantum Oracle, and can be seen for intuitive readings and energy work. Catch her weekly on her podcast Modern Mystic Chronicles for a dose of magic through mystic storytelling.