Scope & Sounds: Leo SZN

We will be welcoming in Leo season with a full moon in Aquarius. Though the full moon will be giving us time to reflect and let go, the release will be fueled with fire. We will be transmuting energy and using it to unapologetically tap into what makes us feel most confident. Leo season is giving fire to move ahead, take a risk on yourself because you know you’re worth it! Tap into your royal divine energy and let it out to play, be vivacious and passionate. This is a time to step into your innermost spotlight. Be ready to release what is holding you back with the full moon energy, and then get out of your own way and be courageous!

Leo Artist Spotlight:
Madonna is a leader of her times, through her unapologetic behavior she taught us what it meant to be free and live in your truth. In Western Astrology Leo is ruled by the sun, which is the center of our universe, which speaks to Leo’s being the center of their own universe. Tap into that energy of self-love that allows you to be uncompromising in your truth, so that others can really get to know who you are. Yes, Madonna received backlash for speaking her truth, but it was well worth the risk, and you are always worth the risk. Just make it dance, make it sing and give it a show!

Horoscope written by Imani Quinn @imanirachelquinn