Scope & Sounds: Libra SZN

Welcome Fall Equinox! A very desired paradigm shift, and a time to reap what we have sown. All those things that you have been manifesting since spring, what blessings have they brought you? Take a moment for gratitude. As we move out of summer and into fall it is time to slow down a bit. Libra season invites us to pay attention to our energy levels, how can you rebalance? Have you been overextending, do you need time to relax? Libra vibes ask us to bask in beauty and move from a place of ease. This has been a year of pivots, shifts, transformations and rebirths and this fall equinox marks a chapter marker for us. Our last season was for planning, this season is for stepping out and socializing with our nearest and dearest. Self-work is important and so is community love, it’s all about balance and libra season is here to remind us of that!   


Music Spotlight: 

Celia Cruz is an icon for her dynamic musical range and for her passion for life. You can hear her passion for life in her music, it is vibrant and electric. Libra season is vibrant, it’s social and electric, so if you are lacking inspiration on how to do this season right, turn to Celia Cruz and be inspired. Life was not without its hardships for her, but she always brought out life's sweetness. As we all move through a deeply challenging season for the collective, how can Celia Cruz remind you of life’s sweetness to help balance out our hardships? 


Horoscope written by Imani Quinn @imanirachelquinn

Imani is a multi-hyphenate biracial mystic artist. She is co-author of Astrology SOS with Hardie Grant Publishing, seen in Bustle, Instyle and more. She is a Quantum Oracle, and can be seen for intuitive readings and energy work. Catch her weekly on her podcast Modern Mystic Chronicles for a dose of magic through mystic storytelling. 

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