Scope & Sounds: Scorpio SZN

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We are fully into the slowness of fall, cultivating internal warmth and moving inward. We just completed four retrogrades in Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury that had us in a holding place, resurfacing old wounds to be re-addressed and healed. Scorpio season will start off with a full moon, but since this is also the ending of a major retrograde season, think of this as your phoenix rising from the ashes. Yes, we are still self-reflective and fearlessly working through shadow work, but we are burning bright and sharing our most unapologetic selves with the world. Scorpio season asks you to get in touch with your truth, and the end of 4 major retrogrades gives you the energetic boost to fearlessly make it happen. 

Music Spotlight: Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell had a vision for her music even when others couldn’t see it, that is the definition of staying close to one’s truth. Scorpio season invites you to dive into your deep subconscious and play with your inner world tendencies. Joni Mitchell is a perfect soundtrack to delving through your own journey, as she has created a depth of emotion in her music that can serve in self-reflection. See through Joni Mitchell’s ethereal lens and we can guarantee you will find something new within yourself.

Horoscope written by Imani Quinn @imanirachelquinn

Imani is a multi-hyphenate biracial mystic artist. She is co-author of Astrology SOS with Hardie Grant Publishing, seen in Bustle, Instyle and more. She is a Quantum Oracle, and can be seen for intuitive readings and energy work. Catch her weekly on her podcast Modern Mystic Chronicles for a dose of magic through mystic storytelling.