Scope & Sounds: Taurus SZN

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Taurus season has arrived! It is time to rest in luxury, self-care is a top priority in Taurus Szn. This energy will bring out the bougie queen in all of us, and luckily all of your big projects that you started in Aries season will find solid, financial ground during this season. Taurus is all about putting money where their mouth is, so all of the big dreams that you felt the urge to take a risk on during Aries, now you’ll be signing contracts and talking negotiations. Remember to be stubborn, always reach for the best for yourself! We have a Taurus New Moon Eclipse coming in hot at the end of April, which will act as a potent portal for us. If it wants to go, let it! Eclipses help us align more quickly with our divine path, take it as a blessing! The process is always in your favor. If life is handing you lemons, add tequila and make it an elevated Taurus party! 

Music Spotlight: Cher

When Cher’s mom told her to settle down and marry a rich man, Cher replied, “Mom I am a rich man” Cher was stubborn enough to believe that she could hand herself the keys to the castle and she did it, that is BIG Taurus energy. Conviction, stubbornness and luxury. We could all take a piece out of Cher’s playbook and make our own dreams come true, unapologetically. Don’t listen to the naysayers this szn, listen to the guiding and grounded voice within yourself that tells you that you can do it.

Horoscope written by Imani Quinn @imanirachelquinn

Imani is a multi-hyphenate biracial mystic artist. She is co-author of Astrology SOS with Hardie Grant Publishing, seen in Bustle, Instyle and more. She is a Quantum Oracle, and can be seen for intuitive readings and energy work. Catch her weekly on her podcast Modern Mystic Chronicles for a dose of magic through mystic storytelling.