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Life without music is a life without magic. Easily we get caught up in the details of our day to day and forget there are sweet melodies, powerful refrains and funky beats to get us through this thing called life. We at Music In She offer music-inspired goods and content, evoking the good vibrations you find on the dance floor and bringing them into your home and spirit.



The woman behind the curtain

Hi, I'm Natalie Mertz – graphic designer and art director based in New York City for the past thirteen years. Recently I've joined the great COVID migration west and has settled in Austin, TX.

More importantly, I've been a disciple of popular music and culture my whole damn life. Amateur music historian and professional music enthusiast, I crossed the streams of my passions for design and boogie-oogie-oogie and gave birth to Music In She Oracle and Rock N Roll Oracle. She lives in Austin, TX where she receives regular noise complaints.

I have been a music nut my whole damn life - as a kid I was a disciple of the radio and Pop-Up Video. I've read tons of books and watched docs about artists. I've also explored many spiritual paths, teachers, modalities looking for a greater connection to the universe and find peace. With a professional background as a graphic designer and artist I am great at distilling information + presenting it in a way that's palatable and intriguing. I want to share what I've learned with others in hopes that some of the wisdom and sparkle of these artists can rub off on them.